CrossFit WOD, 2020/07/06

200706 – Monday Weightlifting Power Snatch (Build to a heavy triple) Metcon Stub Hub For time: 21-15-9 reps of: -Toes to Bar -Power Snatches, 42.5/30kg directly into: 9-15-21 reps of: -cal AB or Row -Overhead Squats, 42.5/30kg

CrossFit WOD, 2020/07/07

200707 – Tuesday Strength Deadlift (Build to heavy sets of 5-4-3) Metcon Deadbolt AMRAP in 15min of: -60 DUs -30/24 cal Row -15 Deadlifts, 102.5/70kg

CrossFit WOD, 2020/07/08

200708 – Wednesday Weightlifting Push Jerk (Build to a heavy set of 5) Metcon Slumber Party 2 Rounds for Time of: -20 Push Jerks, 60/42.5kg -4 Rounds of CINDY -800m Run *CINDY: -5 Pull-Ups -10 Push-Ups -15 Air Squats

CrossFit WOD, 2020/07/09

200709 – Thursday Strength Strict Handstand Push-Ups (AMRAP in 5min) Or EMOM 1-2 Reps negatives only for 5min Metcon Oh Deere For Time: -50/35 cal Row -800m Run -200m Farmer’s Carry, 24/16kg /Arm -50/35 cal Row -800m Run -200m Farmer’s Carry, 24/16kg /Arm -50/35 cal Row -800m Run

CrossFit WOD, 2020/07/10

200710 – Friday Weightlifting Hang Squat Clean (Build to a heavy single) Metcon Dirt Nap 3 Rounds for Time of: -15 Hang Squat Cleans, 52.5/37.5kg -15 Lateral Barbell Burpees

CrossFit WOD, 2020/07/11

200711 – Saturday Team WOD Metcon Team-WOD “3 Girls” For time (in pairs of 2): HELEN (switch partner after every exercise) 3 rounds for time of: -400m run -21 KB-swings, 24/16kg -12 pull ups immediately to : GRACE (syncronized) -30 clean&jerks, 60/45kg immediately to: (half) KAREN (switch partner after every rep) -75 wall balls, 20/14lbs

CrossFit WOD, 2020/07/12

200712 – Sunday Metcon Box Spring For Time: -75/50 cal AB or Row -40 DB-Hang Clean&Jerks, 22.5/15kg -50 DB-Box Step-Ups, 22.5/15KG -40 DB-Hang Clean&Jerks, 22.5/15kg -75/50 cal AB or Row

CrossFit WOD, 2020/07/04

200704 – Saturday Team WOD Metcon Team Glen In teams of 2, for time: -30 Clean&Jerks, 60/42.5kg -1’600m Team Run -50 Pull-Ups -1’600m Team Run -100 Burpees

CrossFit WOD, 2020/07/05

200705 – Sunday Strength Floor Press (Build to a heavy set of 5 reps) Metcon Southpaw AMRAP in 15min of: -3 KB-Swings, 24/16kg -3 KB-Box Step-Ups, 24/16kg -3 cal AB or Row *add 3 reps after each round

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